Taylor Goldfinch

Sidewinders Speedway 90cc OEM
2010 Victorian state titles 90cc modified
Ride on home track on Yamaha blaster
Ride on home track on Suzuki LTR450

In 2008 Taylor started in his new adventure of racing quad bikes,
it started as a bit of fun he has enjoyed since
he was 6 running around the farm on a Honda 400 4x4.
His first ride on a motor bike was at 6 weeks old with Dad on a Suzuki 185.

Channel 10 television show, Totally Wild, have filmed the South Australian Pro Shark team in action at the Tea Tree Gully Moto Cross Track.

Taylors first win Jan 09
His chosen sport, which was in addition to his other hobby Hockey commenced with speedway. After a number of visits to the track to watch and talk to the other competitors Taylor was kindly invited by Steve Shearer to come and have a try on his Sons, (Callum) bike for a coaching session. That was the deciding factor and he decided he wanted to do this.
With more help from Steve (Steve and his wife Heather have been very helpful) a new bike was chosen, a new Honda TRX90 was purchased from Bridgeland Motor Cycles at Murray Bridge, they were very helpful and highly recommended.
Taylor obtained his licence from Motor Cycles Australia, MSA, in September 2008. He entered his first race meeting in mid October 2008


2009 brought Taylor into his next challenge.. Motocross..

February 2009 saw a new bike, an Apex Pro Shark, and a new sponsor (Jumbo Tunning) and April 2009 his first motocross event. A big thanks to Danny Penraat from Jumbo Tunning and Grant from Pro Shark Australia both have helped Taylor out in his new sport.
Danny has been a great help in coaching Taylor and preparation of his bike his assistance has been invaluable.
On the 29th and 30th August 2009 Taylor attended a quad riding school arranged by the Quad Riders Club Victoria coached by Joe Byrd www.joebyrd.com A great opportunity to learn from a real Professional.

2010 brought another challenge, a step up to the 200cc Class, a new bike has been purchased, a Yamaha Blaster, and once again prepared by Jumbo Tunning. Taylor contested two classes that year, in both the SA series and the Victorian series in the 90cc Class on his Apex Pro Shark and the 200cc Class on his Blaster, This was be a big test on his fitness and his skills both on the bigger capacity machine and running two classes on the same day. A big thanks again to Danny Penraat from Jumbo Tunning and Grant from Pro Shark Australia for their continued support in 2010. Danny's assistance continues to be invaluable and greatly appreciated. First practice was Saturday 6th February 2010 at Gillman Speedway, Thanks to Mark Baker and Gilman speedway for the event and Jumbo tunning for getting the bike ready and helping Taylor out on the day.

2011 brings an end to the 90cc class, it also brings another 200cc Blaster to the collection, and again a big thanks for the continued sponsorship from Jumbo Tunning, Safe Fire Electrical and Hooves, Paws and Claws. Late 2011 also brings on the testing and development of a new bike for the 2012 series.

2012 Saw a Honda 300 join the collection which made its first meeting at Pt Augusta MX track, after a bit of setting up the Honda was proven to be a strong competitor, once again the bike was set up by Jumbo Tuning.

2013 The first part of the year will see the Honda 300 competing yet again, with his new machine hopefully making its debut early in the year

Honda TRX90 2008

Apex Pro shark 2009

Tri State Round 2

Yamaha blaster 2010
Yamaha blaster 2011
Honda TRX300EX 2012
??????? 2013

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